2010 in Review

I used to be the person who made new year resolutions. Then, for some reason, I stopped. I think I felt that it was silly to make resolutions one time a year and work toward them. You can do it anytime, set goals on any day, and work toward fulfilling them, why wait until the start of a new year?

However, I noticed that I didn't make any goals and resolutions at other times. I guess there is something to be said about having a set date. Much like people complain about Valentine's Day but we get caught up in busy hussle-bussle of everyday life, sometimes we need a day to make us stop and smell the roses.

I'm still thinking about my resolutions and haven't got a clear view of what I want to accomplish next year. But I still have some time to work them out.

2010 was good for my little blog and me. I'm embracing more technology. Joined twitter and this week I created an In My Element fan page on Facebook!

2010 Year in Review 1

This year I had the opportunity to go to Dinner and Q&A with David Adjey at NAIT. Went to Edmonton's 3rd Foodie Meetup and met some more great Edmonton food bloggers. Had not just one giveaway but two giveaways on my blog. I was invited but was too ill to attend Edmonton Journal's Taste Alberta event but you can read about the experience written by one of my fellow blogger's, Chris.

Hubby started his "grow-op" with seeds in our basement with heat cords and lights and moved onto a fancy-shmancy hydroponic set up (I'll post more about it in the new year). Our garden gave us a lot of produce, like this giant home grown tomato and many pumpkins and squash this year. AND I discovered I love arugula (rocket) salad greens. I can't believe I never tried it before!

2010 Year in Review 2

Our yard received a nomination for Front yards in Bloom and though we didn't make the final list, our community league awarded us with an award for Top 2 in our neighborhood. We went camping at pembina river and did a holiday trip to Penticton and Vancouver.

I want to send a big thank you to all the folks that drop by here. I appreciate your comments and emails. If I have missed in adding you to my Food Blog links, shoot me an email because I haven't been diligent enough in upkeeping it.

See you all in 2011!!!