Minecraft Ice Cream Birthday Cake

After a successful Minecraft birthday party for my son, my daughter wanted to do the same for her birthday. I was all set to make similar birthday and mini-muffins decorated with fondant when my daughter stated she wanted a Minecraft ice cream cake.  Ice cream in a minecraft theme?  Sure I could have made a simple ice cream cake with some cake toppers but I wasn't thrilled with that idea.  What was I going to do?

Well, I had a great idea.  A simple minecraft block that was hopefully do-able.  I sketched up my idea and then set out scout out materials.

I picked up the rectangular 1.89L ice creams in 3 flavours: mint chocolate chip, chocolate and cookie dough.  I bought 2 mint chocolate chip ice creams from 2 different suppliers so that they looked different.

Since the ice cream melts fast, you need to work fast.  Also, make sure to put the plate or platter into the freezer first so it doesn't melt the ice cream while you stack.  I cut out equal sized squares and stacked them in batches to prevent melting. Once I was complete, I wrapped the cube in wax (or parchment paper) and used small cutting boards to squeeze together the cube so to have the seams and cubes all line up and somewhat blend into each other.

I love when I come up with creative ideas that aren't a lot of work and are an instant hit with the kids!