April 5, 2009

It's starting to look green around here...

well, not outside it isn't. But in my basement it is!


The hubby has started his seedlings a couple of weeks back. He has a "grow-op" downstairs, as I call it. It involves 2 tubes of fluorescent lighting and a heating cord to help with germination. Last year, he started his seeds way too early and we had massive green plants everywhere. This year, as you can see, they are very reasonable.

My windowsill has sage and oregano growing. Truthfully, I barely use the sage. I'm looking forward to my basil and mint again this year. We usually have chives and parsley growing outside. That's about the only herbs I grow. Are there any herbs you grow and look forward to every year? I know many people like rosemary, but I really dislike it. If I want the taste of pine needles on my chicken or potatoes, I'd just use the branch off my 50+ year old pine tree in my yard. Blech. No thanks.

Countdown to may long weekend of planting!


Brooke said...

Great photos! This is definitely making me excited for growing season. Other than chives, I always find myself growing herbs I only use in winter... so I then have to freeze most of it at the end of the season. I know Court grows a ton of dill, though.

Maki said...

DILL! I forgot the dill!

Thanks for reminding me :)

Junglefrog said...

Tom (my hubby) wants to try and grow herbs for the first time this year, but sofar he messed up the first batch..:) He figured he had to throw the entire pack of seeds into one tiny container... Guess how that looked!! lol... Anyway, I bought him new seeds and told him how to plant them, so we'll see what will come out of it this time! We're trying basil, mint, thyme and parsley (I think..)

Maki said...

That's how I planted the seeds the first time. I'm lucky my hubby loves gardening because it's not really my thing.

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