Weekly Photos: Christmas Happenings

Christmas Happenings 1

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

Thought I'd share some pictures from happenings around here. Lots eating, get-togethers, hosting parties, going to parties, eating, gift giving, gift opening, eating, screams of joy, staying up, sleeping in, eating.

Did I mention EATING? Seriously, I should have busted out my turkey pants!

Taking a little break before we head out for 4-5 more get togethers this week. Oh my tubby tummy hurts but I love the holidays.

Christmas Happenings 2

On another note, how many of you actually take down your Christmas tree right away? I noticed a bunch of folks on facebook doing it already. I usually keep mine up for New Year and sometimes right through to Orthodox Christmas. Depends on how much Christmas I have experienced :)

Have a fantastic New Year! We'll be counting down the clock.