Food Styling for Real Cream Anyday Magic Tour 2014

I feel sad that my blog has been somewhat neglected.  June is always a chaos month considering school is ending and there are so many field trips and volunteer opportunities needing parent's attention. My day job has 2 company year ends needing to be completed within the next month also.  I wish I could be more regular in my posting but it can't be helped.  If you do pop by to my blog, it is probably best to have it included in your reader (like feedly), follow me through email notifications or even through my facebook fan page so you know when I do update :)

  But that all being said, I may not be posting about food here but I have been working with food!  I've been food styling for various food campaigns the last several months!  I am over the moon, feeling so blissfully happy and blessed, that these opportunities found me.  I thought I'd share some of my experience from the recent campaign I worked on, the Real Cream Anyday Magic tour for the Dairy Farmers of Canada.
(My little corner to prep samples for CBC Edmonton AM radio.  Thanks to Liane Faulder at the Edmonton Journal for snapping the photo of me prepping food!)

Shopping, cooking and baking and lots and lots of cleaning up.  What can only be a 5 minute segment actually takes hours and hours of work leading up the the actual event.  I prepared these beautiful individual Bumble berry cheesecakes and the Berry delicious potato salad and brought them bright and early to CBC Edmonton AM for Chef Michael Allemeier segment about the campaign.  Both radio hosts did not eat potato salad but they both tried it and very much enjoyed this twist of savoury salad with berries and cream.  Then, we headed for an interview with the Edmonton Journal, delicious berries and cream samples in tow :)

(Display of Berries & Cream, Waldorf and Potato Salad for CTV Noon News segment.  Chef Allemeier waiting for the segment to start.)

I headed back home to gather all necessary food and prop styling for the chef's cooking segment at CTV Noon News. He was making the Berry delicious potato salad thus needed all supplies and ingredients ready to go.  I also brought along prepared "hero" dishes of  the potato salad and also the Waldorf berry salad, (which I'm a fan of - crunchy celery, apple, walnuts with berries and cream! yum!)

There is a lot of amazing adrenaline coursing through your veins, making sure things are prepped and ready to go, especially for live TV, which waits for no one! Lugging around Rubbermaids full of kitchen supplies, ingredients and food/prop displays. Hard work with time pressures but I loved every minute. (Well, I guess my back didn't love carrying big bins up and down 2 flights of stairs but it was all necessary.)

Over the course of 2-3 days, my kitchen looked a lot like this.  As soon as I unloaded the sink full of dishes into the dishwasher or hand washed them, it would fill up again.  Oh the life of a food stylist, so very glamorous.

(Berries and Cream, always a perfect combo.  Berry Delicious Potato Salad)

I've been incredibly lucky.  Knock on wood and thank my lucky stars. Food keeps finding it's way into my life and I really couldn't imagine it any other way :)