Johnston Canyon & Banff Town: Travels

Falls of Johnston Canyon Banff

The other weekend, we ventured to our beautiful Rocky Mountains.  I'm much more of a city slicker but when you get me out to nature, I always enjoy it.

Banff Johnston Canyon

We started with a hike to the Lower and Upper Falls in Johnston Canyon.  Glad we headed out earlier for the trek because there were so many people near the end of the loop for us.

Nature Banff Alberta

One thing I really appreciate is how small you feel among the mountains and forest.  Makes your everyday stresses and problems seem so insignificant at those moments.

Johnston Canyon Banff


Banff town sites

After the hike, I parted ways with my posse.  They headed to the hot springs while I hit the town of Banff.

Banff Alberta

I bought a couple of inukshuks carved from precious stones for my kiddos and stopped in on the many chocolate and candy stores.  Can't go through Banff without eating a bearpaw (caramel and nut cluster coated with chocolate!)

Sites of Banff town

One thing is for sure, you can not leave Banff without a greater sense of Canadiana.