Heritage Days 2012

On the way to Heritage Days

Sunday morning we rounded up the kiddos and drove down to Laurier Park.  We did a short walk, while cooing and oohing over cute dogs at the off leash dog park, across the footbridge to Hawrelak Park.

Let the eating begin Heritage Days
(Gyros from the Hellenic tent, Chicken groundnut soup from Ghana tent, Scovergi-fried dough- from the Romanian site, Gelato from the Italian site)

There weren't a lot of people at the park as of yet at 10am but you can see and hear movement within the tents, very much like busy bees in their hives, as the volunteers were getting ready for the hordes of people yet to arrive.

(Chicken arepa with guasacaca sauce-Venezuela site)

I went to the food ticket booth and spent $50 on 60 tickets.  Let the eating begin!


I have been going to Heritage days for as long as I can remember.  My parents used to volunteer and my siblings and I used perform.  I remember dancing in the heat and numerous costume changes.

(Kubideh kabab at Iran tent)

While hubby was watching the kids at the bouncy castle, my brother met up with me and I made him hold the chocolate dipped banana, against his numerous macho pleas of refusal, so I can get a picture for the blog.  He thought I was getting a closeup.  Hahaha.  He might very well kill me.  I love my siblings :)

Eating at Heritage Days
(Beef burek-Bosnia & Hercegovina site, Mango shake from Pakistan site, Croatian doughnuts, Platano conjelado from the Ecuador tent)

We spent 4 hours walking around, taking in all the offerings that the tents had.  So much to see, hear, taste and do.

Heritage Days 2012

Until next year!