February 23, 2012

Tangerines Still Life

Tangerine Still Life

Haven't had much energy to cook and bake around here. But, went to the Italian Centre and saw these beautiful tangerines with stem and leaves still intact. I couldn't stop looking at them there and even once we brought them home I kept staring at them. Their beautiful color and smell reminds me of warm locales and summer.

My daughter tells me my favorite color is orange. I didn't think I had a favorite color but apparently I do. Though, red almost ties for first place too she points out. I have to concur. I love orange and red and you will find hits of these colors throughout my home. I often find I gravitate toward punches of orange in my summer clothing as well. So funny that others can point out something about you that is literally in front of your nose and didn't realize.


My father told me a story that one time St. Nicholas came at Christmas to their home and left an orange on his windowsill as a gift and when he awoke to see it, it was an sight to behold. I believe it. To live with very little means and then have this beautiful citrus show up for you as a gift, well, I wish we all could take joy in the simplest of things.

How could you not with these beauties.


Your Sister said...

So strange to think of our dad when he was a kid, getting excited about an orange at Christmas. Makes you wonder what he was like when he was young.

Maki said...

Probably very much like our children :)

zappie said...

I love mandarins, and when these little baubles appear in shops in the end of November, it really says Christmas is coming!
Here we have a tradition that kids leave their slippers on windowsills and little elves fill them with some mandarins and candy every night if they have been nice kids.

Courtenay said...

Maki, these photos are gorgeous! Now I'm going to have to head to the Italian Center to pick some of these up - you sold me!

Maki said...

Zappie: That sounds so wonderful! What a fantastic tradition!

Courtenay: You won't be able to take your eyes off of them. They are so mesmerisingly beautiful!

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