February 29, 2012

Eating Out: Dishcrawl Edmonton -124 Street

I have to admit I had slight pangs of guilt buying another set of the fast-selling Dishcrawl tickets since I already went to the first dishcrawl, but then the feeling soon disappeared. I snapped them up as soon as I heard it was 124 street.

I've spent so many years home with small children, hardly ever eating out (good babysitters are hard to find and expensive!) that returning to the land of dining is a bit overwhelming as there is so many choices. Dishcrawl is a fantastic way to explore and sample the food of the many restaurants on this street, so I was overjoyed to be able to go.

We hit 4 restaurants and I would recommend all the places we went to. They were all really great and I look forward to going back. Enjoy the photos!

Dishcrawl_Dish & Runaway SpoonDish & Runaway Spoon Dishcrawl

Matahari Pan-Asian Restaurant:


Dishcrawl_The ManorThe Manor_Dishcrawl

Dishcrawl_D'lish Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar

Also, a little photography tidbit for all you budding photographers: I shot all the above images with the inexpensive "nifty fifty" 50mm lens, which retails for $130. (I bought mine used for $80). I like it because it's light in weight and a pretty fast lens, allowing you to get to a f-stop of 1.8 which is great for low-light conditions, like dim-lit restaurants! Also, 50mm is a comfortable distance, you don't have to back up or get in too close, great when you are too lazy to get out of your seat :)

Here's another review of the night from fellow blogger Carolineyeg and Linda Hoang.


supersu said...

oh maki,

such beautiful images! the food really was superb on this crawl, wasn't it?

so much attention to detail, and such thoughtful choices. i really enjoyed this crawl.

nice to see you again. hope to see you at the next one! (i hear there is a badge for the first one to get to 5!) ha ha ha

su :)

Maki said...

5! Hahaha. We will have to see about that but I do like a good competition :)

Courtenay said...

Sounds like fun, I haven't tried any of those places.
I also shoot with a 50mm lens most of the time. It fits nicely on my D90 in my purse, rather than one of my bigger lenses. The only thing I find tricky is eating out with friends, I have to get so far away to get a bunch of people in the pictures! It's perfect for food photos though :)

Maki said...

Yes, I agree, better for food and closeups! haha. I tend to carry my camera in my purse too and am finding that I keep gravitating toward larger and larger purses. Funny.

Linda Hoang said...

Your photos are awesome!!

The night was so fun! :)

Maki said...

Thanks Linda! Watched your video. Told my hubby he was a media whore since he kept looking at your camera! haha

Isabelle said...

Bueatiful photos as usual! The food looks amazing and really creatively presented. I've eaten at the Manor and D'Lish and enjoyed both. I've also eaten at The Dish but was pretty underwhelmed. I'm curious what the dish from D'Lish was - looks like dessert?

Maki said...

I actually really liked The Dish and this was my first time here. I find that a lot of places end up with greasy phyllo and/or underwhelming fillings, whereas these were not at all. I also loved ALL the desserts. Moist brownie, the sticky toffee pudding was really good & the lemon tart tasted like it was made with fresh lemons.

D'lish was a pepper & tomato lentil soup, tomato risotto cakes & choco whoopie pie with raspberry buttercream filling. Some people grumbled that the soup was underwhelming. I enjoyed it but would have preferred a bit more salt.

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