March 5, 2012

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday and yesterday we had a family dinner to celebrate the occasion.

I knew my hubby did not think about my birthday cake (I'm in charge of all things cake in this house!) so I told him I wanted a birthday cake. I didn't want to make my own cake nor was there any time for him to make one so told him I wanted a store bought one. But, I voiced my dislike before on my blog about typical grocery store "cakes".

Took me a few minutes to think what I wanted and then I called Duchess Bake Shop asking if they had any Duke cakes in their case.

They had one and it was first come, first serve.

I sent my hubby out ASAP.

It was chocolate heaven.

Happy Birthday to me indeed.


Kathleen said...

Happy birthday, Maki. That cake does look heavenly!

Haruko said...

Happy Birthday Maki! Sounds like you had a good one indeed. Duchess Bakery Baking - yum!

Maki said...

Thank you Kathleen & Haruko! I think my whole family agreed... heavenly!

Coffee Girl said...

Happy belated Birthday Maki. Better late than never. The cake looks almost as good as yours.

Maki said...

Awe, you are so kind Coffeegirl!

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