Not Your Kids' Hot Dog: Havarti cheese, pesto & banana peppers

Gourmet hot dogs

Sometimes, I go through some intense cravings.

Hot sauce. Yeah, I couldn't put that stuff on enough of my food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would have put it on dessert if my taste buds were into that combo.

Lately, it has been banana peppers. A large jar at the grocery store caught my eye and I succumbed. I've been finding all sorts of meals to add them to.

Hot dog with havarti, pesto & banana peppers

Last week was a busy, harrowing type of week and I came home with hungry kids and no dinner plans.

"Hot dogs children... we're having hot dogs". Chicken hot dogs actually!

While my children are more than happy to have the basic ketchup and mustard combo, I thought a step up to a more adult gourmet version was in order. One with banana peppers of course.

Melted Havarti cheese, dollops of pesto and lots of banana peppers.

I think my banana pepper craving has been met and can be filed away for a short while. (Though, the large jar in my fridge is saying otherwise).

On to the next craving.