Vine-Ripened Hydroponic Tomatoes

Hydroponically grown cherokee purple tomato

It's January and we're eating freshly picked tomatoes off our hydroponic setup in our basement. Lovely huh?

However, this will be the last time my hubby sets it up. It's more work than he likes. Making the nutrient-rich water and having to top it up frequently. Pruning of plants, adjusting the light fixtures for the growing plants and let us not forget the mopping. Yup, every once in a while, a hose goes astray and we are left with a mini flood in our basement. Fun times, fun times.

Hydroponically grown cherokee purple tomato_1

I can't say I'll miss the tomatoes that much as I'm not a huge tomato fan. But, it is nice to have fresh smelling and tasting vine-ripe tomatoes. The ones in the picture are called cherokee purple. Lovely coloring inside. We also have lots of cherry tomatoes that my daughter has been eating as soon as they are harvested.

Funny to say harvest in January. haha. Would this be classified as urban farming? Can't get more locally grown than this for us!

Once this crop of tomatoes is done, the hubby will be setting up my greens. Various lettuces, herbs and other greens. I'm craving Arugula actually. I can't wait!!!

What are you craving from summer produce? I really want some fresh blueberries or raspberries.