January 31, 2011

Sprouts - I love them


I don't know how you all feel about them but I love them. Sprouts, that is. I love that green, fresh-tasting, crunchy bite when I eat them.

I, unfortunately, don't buy them often enough. My local grocery store doesn't stock them and I usually do a big shopping trip at the other store about once a month.

Sprouty Me: "Hi, why don't you carry sprouts?"
Grocery Produce Dude: "We do, right here." pointing to the bean sprouts.
Sprouty Me: "No, no, I interested in the deli, alfalfa or radish varieties of sprouts you use in sandwiches?"
Grocery Produce Dude: "You can't get them anywhere. They discontinued them for safety reasons".
Sprouty Me: "No, I buy them at the other grocery stores. It's just your store."
Grocery Produce Dude: "I'm new here."
Sprouty Me: devoid look, with intermittent blinking and a long silence.

I have been eating sprouts from the store for a very long time and have never, ever gotten ill from them. I also don't rinse them. I know, I know... but what's a little bit of tasty residue gonna do?

Sprouty Sandwiches

I even attempted growing my own. "It's really easy" is what sprout growers tell me. So, I did. I used mung beans and sprouted my own. Yes, it was easy, unfortunately, I didn't rinse them enough or maybe I didn't have quality mung beans because I was left with beautiful sprouts and lot of hard shells. Why I didn't just cut off the ends is a mystery to me but I just wanted to stuff it into my sandwich and not fuss over them. I ended throwing them out because every bite was just too crunchy. It was a learning process and I know better now. I really should try again.

On another note, what do you think of the pictures? My hubby things the background is just too much. I actually love the vibrant pink and he thinks I should have toned it down because it takes away from the subject. I believe the sprouts and sandwich hold their own and complement versus compete. We agreed to disagree. Feel free to disagree or give me your critiques as I appreciate any photo feedback.


Marianne and Charles said...

Oh sprouts. I love them too and don't eat them enough. I liked the purple and green together - it made it feel summery for a couple seconds which was desperately needed after my walk to school.

Maki said...

I agree, makes me think of summer or at least warmer temperatures. Thanks Marianne!

Bellavino said...

I love sprouts on my sandwiches! They can make a plain meat & cheese sandwich all that much more special!
Glad to know Im not the only one that does not rinse them though ;)

Oh and the pink & green together? Love it! Such a nice contrast!

Maki said...

It's true! Sprouts is the whip cream and cherry on top of an already good sandwich.

Your secret on not rinsing is safe with me :)

lequan said...

I love alfalfa sprouts in sandwiches! They add the perfect crunch. The othe bean sprouts are just too crunchy. Much better for cooking or PHO...yummy Pho. Dang, now I want me a good bowl of Pho. Ok focus LeQuan, focus. Yes, your background. The girlie girl in me really likes it. Not sure how appealing it would be to men. Hubby kind of answered that already I guess. I really like it though. It goes well with the green. Gives the picture a happy feel too. Just my two cents.

tahlia said...

I love sprouts! Try red clover. Super easy to do. I put them on top of hummus on flat breads!

coffee girl said...

I love the picture! The bright pink make the sprouts pop, very fresh, very vibrant.

I never seem to remember sprouts when I'm at the grocery store. I do really like them in salads and in sandwiches, I must remember to pick some up.

Maki said...

lequan: pho... yes, would like some too.

tahlia: I've never tried red clover. Come to think of it, I've never seen it! I bought a variety of sprouts at the Downtown farmer's market this summer but red clover does not ring a bell. I'll have to hit planet organic or something.

coffee girl: I love them in salads too.

cookbookcooks said...

Good old sprouts.

I have actually stopped eating them. My boss is a food microbiologist and for one of the undergrad courses they do a bacterial count of store bought sprouts.

Sadly, I am now the recipient of too much information.

Maki said...


Well, I guess I can start washing them. meh.

I have children, I can't even begin to imagine how much bacteria I've consumed the last 7 years. I'm still kicking, though barely some days. :)

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