Sprouts - I love them


I don't know how you all feel about them but I love them. Sprouts, that is. I love that green, fresh-tasting, crunchy bite when I eat them.

I, unfortunately, don't buy them often enough. My local grocery store doesn't stock them and I usually do a big shopping trip at the other store about once a month.

Sprouty Me: "Hi, why don't you carry sprouts?"
Grocery Produce Dude: "We do, right here." pointing to the bean sprouts.
Sprouty Me: "No, no, I interested in the deli, alfalfa or radish varieties of sprouts you use in sandwiches?"
Grocery Produce Dude: "You can't get them anywhere. They discontinued them for safety reasons".
Sprouty Me: "No, I buy them at the other grocery stores. It's just your store."
Grocery Produce Dude: "I'm new here."
Sprouty Me: devoid look, with intermittent blinking and a long silence.

I have been eating sprouts from the store for a very long time and have never, ever gotten ill from them. I also don't rinse them. I know, I know... but what's a little bit of tasty residue gonna do?

Sprouty Sandwiches

I even attempted growing my own. "It's really easy" is what sprout growers tell me. So, I did. I used mung beans and sprouted my own. Yes, it was easy, unfortunately, I didn't rinse them enough or maybe I didn't have quality mung beans because I was left with beautiful sprouts and lot of hard shells. Why I didn't just cut off the ends is a mystery to me but I just wanted to stuff it into my sandwich and not fuss over them. I ended throwing them out because every bite was just too crunchy. It was a learning process and I know better now. I really should try again.

On another note, what do you think of the pictures? My hubby things the background is just too much. I actually love the vibrant pink and he thinks I should have toned it down because it takes away from the subject. I believe the sprouts and sandwich hold their own and complement versus compete. We agreed to disagree. Feel free to disagree or give me your critiques as I appreciate any photo feedback.