November 9, 2010

Scooby-Doo Cake

Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

I used a character pan to make this Scooby-Doo cake. And I have to tell you, this is a lot of work!

Making the cake part...easy, peasy. But the decorating... Zoinks! I wouldn't want to do this again, not even for a million scooby-snacks!

I think I got carpal tunnel on my wrist having to constantly squeeze out the little blossoms of icing all over the cake. It was really exhausting. And it was frustrating having to make different colors of icing. I changed the design and color on Scooby's dog collar because I was not interested in making more colors. The kids didn't seem to notice at all.

I can imagine for a person who doesn't really bake or usually make their own birthday cakes, that choosing a character birthday pan would seem easier and cheaper than buying the same cake from a bakery, but to me, it isn't really worth it. Cake supplies, buying the pan, making icing and don't forget all the (wo)man hours to complete it. I would also say, I hate having to "draw or color between the lines". So these character pans are definitely not for me.

I would rather free-style my cakes, like my monster truck cake, construction scene cake or dump truck cake. Less variety of colored icing can be made, little toys can be used to decorate the cake and mistakes/imperfections are less visible or easily covered up in comparison to a character pan cake.

Plus, you got free reign to do what you want! Let the creativity flow!

But, that's just my opinion. No two jinkies about it, I'm sticking with my own homemade designs.


Sheila said...

I agree with you. My kids cakes were always great...Aircraft Carriers with tiny planes, Raggedy Ann, Teddy Bear's picnic, a sheriff's star, a much fun to design, make and decorate. I 'll look forward to trying your Margherita pizza. Thanks!

lequan said...

Another impressive cake, Maki! I hope you're feeling much better from your flu now. Being sick really drains the life out of you, especially with kids. I must appologize, I was so in awe with your cake last time that I forgot to mention anything about your flu in my last comment. Shame on me :( I really do hope you've kicked that flu's ass and am back to being yourself again.

Cheri said...

Yikes, I know what you mean. I made a Diago cake for my nephew a few years back and it took forever. Although I wasn't as patient as you and would squeeze on large portions of icing and spread it around to fill the spots. Your's looks great!

Maki said...

Hi Sheila! Glad there are other folks like me who like to experiment in the cake decorating department!

lequan: Almost back to normal. My stomach is STILL a little sensitive. crazy :) Thanks for sending the good vibes.

Cheri: I was SO tempted to also squeeze out large portions and spread it in. annoying.

A Canadian Foodie said...

I remember the days so many years ago when I bought the Wilton pan and had these exact same feelings. Mine was Winnie the Pooh. No blogs in those days. A very very happy little gal, but a mom with carpal tunnel syndrome after the decorating. Creativity in the garbage. A great learning experience, and the kids do love it, don't they. And, I would probably do it again if a little doe eyed child looked up at me and asked...
You are the BEST mommy, Maki!

Court said...

I just made it past child b-day #1, and while most moms in my moms group did something like this (one spent 5 hours icing!), I skipped out on the fancy icing all together. I may have to give it a whirl some day, but not before she is old enough to at least demand it and remember it.

Maki said...

Thanks Valerie :)

I hear ya Court. I do it for the look of happiness on their face and they are old enough to remember it.

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