Eating Out: A Stop at Wild Earth Bakery

A stop at Wild Earth Bakery

I made my first visit out to Wild Earth Bakery, "...a 'salt of the earth, grass-roots, almost organic, scratch-baking, feel-good' kind of place" as their website says. I had heard they had great baked goods and yummy raspberry white chocolate scones.

I have to admit, I kinda have a biased, preconceived notion of what "grass-roots" food is like. It's up there with the buzzword "healthy" and to me, it means bland and unremarkable. I know, I know, shame on me. Not everything "grass-roots" or "healthy" is bad but I can't help having this immediate knee-jerk reaction. I mean, I make healthy food from scratch which I think is really good and I have never had people tell me it wasn't. But, when I find something that fits the bill, I alway mumble to myself "yeah, I knew it".

Enter the pizza.


"Yeah, I knew it."

Bland. Unremarkable. Whole wheat crust that was tasteless styrofoam. Cheese had no taste that I actually was thinking it was plastic (It was probably low-fat cheese - ick). The worst is when they throw herbs on top because "Oh! Wow! Herbs make everything all the more fancy" but without even basic seasoning (ie: salt and pepper) the dry herbs do nothing for your tastebuds. (God forbid it not be low-sodium because that = unhealthy). The squirrel didn't even go for the crust we threw him. My little guy had one slice, I had one and the rest went into le garbage.

Kind of a depressing. I hope it was just a one-off. Though, my friend didn't really love her sandwich either. But the coffee was super and the service was really great.

I think I'll stick to the raspberry white chocolate scones next time I go.


Wild Earth Bakery
8902-99 St NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 3V4