November 23, 2010

Making Squash or Pumpkin Puree

Making Pumpkin or Squash Puree

I have to admit, I thought making pumpkin puree would be hard. Thoughts of laboriously peeling the tough pumpkin or squash skin kept coming to my mind but with this approach, there is no need. In all factuality, it was quite easy. It also reminded me of the days of making baby food for my children.

Cut, Scrape, Roast, Scoop, Puree. That is all there is to it.

I'm thinking that squash or pumpkin puree would be the savory counterpart to applesauce. Applesauce is used to cut down fat in recipes by substituting part of the oil or butter with it. It also helps to moisten and more nutrition in recipes. I think squash or pumpkin puree can do that too.

Another great thing about the puree is that you can freeze it. I have put mine into freezer bags and will be pulling it out for later use.


Squash or Pumpkin Puree

Cut the squash or pumpkin in half and using a spoon, scrape out all the seeds and strings.

In a roasting pan, put the squash/pumpkin cut-side down. Fill the pan with about 1 inch of water.

Roast for 1-1/2 hours at 350F. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.

Using a spoon, scrape out the insides into a food processor. Discard the skin.

Puree the pumpkin until fine. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator until needed or freeze in freezer bags for later usage.


Kristy said...

I LOVE pumpkin and on another local blog, it was suggested to just stick the pumpkin in the oven whole and "butcher" it after. I tried it and it was SO MUCH EASIER!

Here's her post

A Canadian Foodie said...

I used sugar pumpkins for a pumpkin ice cream i made for mom and dad's 60th anniversary recently (haven't posted it yet)but it did puree beautifully and I will never be buying canned pumpkin again. I did it two ways, too. One, I boiled the flesh, and the other I roasted it. Yes, the roasted one had a depth of flavour that was not comparable to the other. I was very surprised. I knew there would be a difference, but this was huge.

Kevin Kossowan said...

We tackled 'some' pumpkin this fall, but honestly, I'm a little stumped how to tackle ALL the winter squash that entered our life. I have some learning to do yet.

Maki said...

Thanks for the tip Kristy!

Wow Valerie, I would never have guessed that it made such a difference in taste. I am going to have to try my hand at pumpkin ice cream. Sounds fantastic.

Oh Kevin, I'm with you. TOO much pumpkin and squash. I'm trying out different things so we don't get tired of it all winter long.

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