November 28, 2010

Weekly Photos: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Ornament

It's officially started. I pulled out the Christmas decor!

I'm so excited. Christmas is one of my very most favorite-ist holidays ever. No other holiday quite compares to it, in my eyes. I had to work real hard to put off the decorating, the Christmas music and baking until this weekend. It's so difficult when commercials and stores start with the Christmas cheer after Halloween (why do they do that to us?) and really upping it right after Thanksgiving!

Hey, Lequan! I found myself a white tree! I am so giddy.

I may have gone a little overboard in decorating (yup, got TWO trees setup in my house) but, I am not apologizing for it. I absolutely love it and don't mind the effort in takes to put it all together.

Now I got to start the Christmas baking.


lequan said...

i was just going to say, YOU GOT YOUR TREE MAKI!!!!!!! WOOT!!! sorry for all the Christmas cheer on me bloggie...teehee, but i gotta sya, Christmas freakin' rocks!!!

Maki said...



A Canadian Foodie said...

Gorgeous. And something really odd has fallen over me this year... the first in my entire and very long life. I will not be baking. Anything. Except cookies with the kiddies. But, no Christmas Baking or Truffle Making like I always do and love. I am burned out, somehow. Mom and dad's 60th anniversary and their 80th Birthday's this past year maybe did it for me. I loved doing them for them... but, I have zero desire to make a thing. I mean - alone. I used to love to bake alone. I am sure I will again. But this year, no. Oddly. So, I will make desserts for our festive meals, and appetizers as needed...but, no treat or cookie or truffle platters will be laden with offerings of the season this year. I bet next year will really rock in my kitchen! I am still in the mood though. Just a peaceful appreciation with very little energy.

Maki said...

Oh, I hear ya Valerie. Every year, I look for ways to streamline my baking. It gets so hectic and then I don't enjoy the holidays as much.

But, I'm also one of those people who starts a batch or two early and freezes them and takes out what I need for every get together and party. Thank goodness for freezers!

Junglefrog said...

I just looooove christmas too! I will be doing the decorations either today or tomorrow as I love the whole christmassy atmosphere!

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