September 22, 2010

Appetizer: Hummus in Cucumber Cups

Hummus in Cucumber Cups- Appetizer

At my home, the calendar is the boss. If an event or appointment doesn't go onto the calendar, it doesn't exist, at least to me, or until someone calls me up and asks "where the heck are you?". This has happened, unfortunately, one too many times. Sigh. I'm a slave to that dang calendar.

It was a Saturday and I knew we were visiting friends that evening. An hour before we are to leave, I walk past the calendar and noticed a "Bring Appetizer" note. Damn! I knew my fridge was low in terms of content too. Double damn!

"We'll just stop by the grocery store on the way there" my hubby says.

"No, I don't want a store-bought appetizer."

Think, THINK!

I stand in front of the refrigerator, with the door wide open, cooling my house, while I rummage through the drawers, trying to get inspired. I swear I hear an annoying cackle come from the direction of my calendar. The beeping of the fridge door, due to it being open, was just making it more stressful.

A small container of homemade hummus but nope, no pita chips. Carrots, ketchup, eggs, cucumbers.

Cucumbers! Ah-ha!

And this is where I do a dance of joy, thinking, hot-diggity-damn, I'm one smart cookie. Hummus in cucumber cups. It is a perfect little finger food idea and a great 1-2 bite appetizer. And you can use a variety of ideas for garnish.

Score: Me - 1, Calendar - 0. Until next time, Mr. Calendar.


Hummus in Cucumber Cups

long english cucumber

garnish ideas:
grated carrots
cilantro or parsley or sprig of dill
toasted pinenuts

Using a carrot peeler, peel strips off the outer skin of the cucumber to give a design or leave as is.

Cut the cucumber into 1 inch or 1.5 inch sections. Scoop out and discard half of the insides, creating a cup.

Scoop prepared hummus into each cup and sprinkle with your choice of garnish. Serve.


cookbookcooks said...

You are my Hero!! What a great story and a great idea. I am sure they were a hit

A Canadian Foodie said...

Before I even read this post I must ask if you will give me photo lessons. I will pay. Seriously. I love this shot. I have the lens... just no clue how to use it. One hour at a time... bit by bit... interested?

A Canadian Foodie said...

Hilarious read! FUN all the way!

Maki said...

Thanks cookbookcooks. I felt like a "supastar". haha. It's not that I invented it, that's for sure, but I was so happy to have that lightbulb come on at the right time!

Valerie: Send me an email and maybe we can hook up and I can give you some tips.

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