July 8, 2010

Garden Fresh Spinach

Garden Fresh Spinach


You thought I was joking about the eating of lots of salad greens this week? HA! I'm not kidding you. I gained a solid 4-5 pounds eating all that dessert... my chlorophyll friends are here to help my backside.

I am very lucky to have garden fresh produce. I'm even luckier that I have a hubby that does all the gardening. We really do have a yin and yang relationship. He grows the food and I cook it.

Spinach Leaves

I was instructed that our spinach was ready for picking. I guess it tends to bolt quickly but I don't mind it so much since I get to use it sooner.

Recipe up tomorrow!


lequan@luvtoeat said...

I'm definitely growing spinach when the hubby gets a garden next year. Kinda too late for us this year. I love yin yang relationships. And notice I said, "when the hubby gets a garden"? ;-) Have a great day Maki!

Junglefrog said...

Beautiful looking spinach for sure. Can't wait to see the recipe!!

Maki said...

If my hubby didn't garden, I'd likely go to my parents house. They have a very large garden and I would take home plenty :)

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