July 20, 2010

Edmonton and Alberta Region U-Picks

First Raspberries of the Season

Guess what I got in my yard, ready to be eaten. Uh huh. RASPBERRIES!!!!!!

There is just a few here and there ready to be picked but it is just beginning: BERRY SEASON!!! We actually harvested a couple of strawberries too.

For those of you not in luck with fresh berries in your yard but want to go berry picking, here are some directories of U-Pick Farms that I recently looked up:

Don't feel like picking it yourself, some of the farms will pick it for you at an additional cost. Also, I'm sure you will find all sorts of berries at your local farmer's markets in the Edmonton or surrounding regions. I heard it's strawberry picking time already.

I'll be in my "berry patch" as soon as it stops raining. I (heart) raspberries.


cookbookcooks said...


I am going to Ontario next weekend.
I hope to pick some raspberries and blueberries while I am away.
Sadly, I will have to eat them all!! as I can't bring them back

Maki said...

"sadly" huh? :)

I love blueberries too. I eat them like candy, right out of the plastic containers.

We are in BC in August. I'm looking forward to bring back some fresh produce and some funky chairs (I'm a chair addict!)

Kevin Kossowan said...

I KNOW!!! I'm excited too. I just had my first raspberry from our front yard. Very pleased. I was thinking: I have to get out strawberry picking at a U-Pick soon - so thanks for the links.

Maki said...

No problemo Kevin.

I'm looking forward to bags and bags of raspberries to put in my freezer. Can't wait!!!

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