Baby Bok Choy

baby bok choy

My hubby had come home with a large variety of seeds the year before, gearing up for the growing season. Up until last year, I had hardly even heard of bok choy much less eaten it. So when I saw that one of the packets contained bok choy seeds, we weren't even sure they would grow here.

Last year was the year we became VERY familiar with bok choy. The hubby got a bit heavy-handed with planting those seeds because we had so many bok choy plants growing in our gardens that we couldn't keep up with eating them. We also let them grow to full size before harvesting, not realizing that they can be picked much younger. There was so much that I was giving it away to anyone that even looked my way in the neighborhood.

"You can grow bok choy here?" and "I've never eaten bok choy!" is something I heard a lot.

baby bok choy_2

Bok choy is apparently from the cabbage family. The stalks remind me a bit of celery without the strings and the greens are like swiss chard or kale with a slight bitter taste. Baby bok choy is also milder tasting than the fully grown version.

We've already enjoyed two harvests of baby bok choy this year, since we started growing them earlier indoors. They are great in stirfries, curries, soups or as a side dish.

Fresh from the garden, doesn't get more local than that!