Weekly Photos: Jump Around

It started a couple of years ago. First, it was jumping on the couch. The children got bigger and I eventually forbid them from couch jumping, as they could make serious dents by now. Then, they moved onto our bed. King-size bed for two kiddos makes for non-stop jumping fun.

Last year, the hubby mentioned we should look into a trampoline for the kids. I hummed and hahhed, as I was nervous for many reasons. Injuries, having to constantly watch the kids and their friends, mowing around a giant apparatus in the summer and then, what the heck to do in the winter?

But then, a sale came. The hubby stated he was going to pick one up. And now a done deal and question is history.

The summer is going to look a LOT like this:
Trampoline Fun
There have been surprisingly no injuries thus far. The constant onslaught of neighborhood children streaming in and out of our backyard hasn't driven me mad. (There was 6 children jumping at once at one point). My kids have probably logged enough bouncing hours on it already to have paid for it (not to mention all the other neighborhood kids who have spent their time on it!) And, it wasn't too hard to mow the grass around it.

Jump Around

All in all, a great purchase. The kids now are forbidden from further tenderizing my mattress and I can watch them from my kitchen window as I'm cleaning up or cooking. Not a bad deal. Here's looking forward to summer!