April 16, 2009

deviled eggs

Deviled Eggs

Continuing on with my after-Easter egg consumption. (The food prep and styling for the above photo was done by my hubby. I think he was bit over excited with the paprika shaker, no? hehehe)

As a child, I remember eating hard boiled eggs after every Easter. It seemed like my mom always boiled and colored at least 10 dozen eggs. I'm sure it wasn't that many but it always felt like we were eating a lot of eggs. It could be also be that we observed both catholic and orthodox Easters. Thus, TWICE the amount of eggs. The egg farmers really loved us, I'm sure.

If you like hardboiled eggs, this isn't a problem. However, I only liked the egg yolks back then. I have grown to like the whole egg but I still much more prefer the yolks. Being the smart cookie that I was (and still am... ahem), I noticed that my sister liked the egg whites more than the yolks. So we struck up a egg eating team. She ate my egg whites and I ate her egg yolks. How perfect was that. AND to top it off, my brother, he liked BOTH so it's like us kids were 3 peas in a pod. No squabbling but working together to get the job done! Suh-weet.


deviled eggs

Gently scoop out the egg yolks and mash them in a bowl.  Add mayonaisse (and some dijon mustard if you like) and mix.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  

Scoop or pipe the yolk/mayo mixture back into egg white shells.

Top with a touch of paprika and green onions.  Serve.


Your Sister said...

Uh, no way did I like the egg whites! We always gave them to the bro, I hated the whites. I still do. I give them to my hubby.

Chris said...

What a cute story, and 10 dozen eggs..good thing you guys formed that perfect egg eating team!

Junglefrog said...

O haha... ten dozen eggs?? My goodness, where did they all go? I like the styling on the deviled eggs, but hmm, yes, the paprika powder is slightly out of control..lol.. :)

Isabelle said...

My sister and I were just the same (although I see your sister disagrees...). I still don't like the white by itself unless it's fried.

Maki said...

Ok, maybe I was exaggerating a bit on the amount of eggs we dyed. Maybe it was only 9 dozen instead of 10. :P

And well, I thought it was my sister but it may have been my brother. Irregardless, we still worked out as a perfect eating team.

alisa@foodista.com said...

Love the story,I however, love the eggwhites :)Hope you wont mind but I'd love to direct Foodista readers to your site, just add this little widget here and it's all set to go, Thanks!

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