Happy Easter!

wheat grass with chocolate eggs

To those of you of Orthodox faith, Happy Easter!

I often have people ask me why Orthodox Easter is a week "late" and my usual funny reply is that we're not late, the Catholics are just a week "early"! tee hee.

My parents are of Orthodox faith but when they emigrated to Canada some 30+ years ago, they also observed the Catholic holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, so that us children never felt left out. Best of both worlds!  I think my parents did this because secretly, they loved having parties and celebratory dinners. It's all about the food at my parent's home. And heck, who doesn't like a good get-together around food!

Thus, I'm off tonight to dinner at my parent's home and much more cracking of Easter eggs. It's thought you will have good fortune or a lucky year if your egg is the last one standing. Though, I don't really believe that because I want everyone in my family to have good fortune. But it sure is a fun game.

Happy, Happy Easter to all who celebrate it "earlier" or "later".