April 24, 2009

carrot salad with raisins and sunflower seeds

carrot salad with raisins and sunflower seeds

Sometimes, it's hard to get the kids to eat healthy things. Other times it's not.

Sometimes, it's all in the presentation and other times they don't care if it's in a pleasing Mickey Mouse plate, all they want is treats.

"Mom, can I have a cookie?"

"Is there any candy?"

"I want chocolate!"

I'm ok with giving them small treats everyday, as long as they eat the healthy stuff first. And this carrots salad I came up with is pretty kid-friendly. Carrots, raisins and sunflower seeds... simple yet healthy.


carrot salad with raisins and sunflower seeds

1 cups of mini carrots, peeled length-wise with a carrot peeler
1/2 cup raisins
1/4 cups sunflower seeds

I make a simple dressing of apple cider vinegar, diluted down with a bit of water and add sugar, to taste. You may stir in oil but I usually don't.


foodie suz said...

Ooooh, gorgeous photos!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I nearly bought segregated plates at Safeway yesterday but I just couldn't do it. It reminded me too much of my own pickiness as a child.

Maki said...

hehe, I know what you mean Cheryl. I've never bought segregated plates myself either. These came from from my neighbors who went to Disneyland.

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