stop and taste the cupcakes

pretty cupcakes

I'm saddened this week by the passing of my friend's mother. It sure makes you stop and think about your life and all the people in it. Gives you perspective and appreciation of all the things you have. During the funeral service, I was reaffirmed with how important it is to get together regularly with people.

One thing that definitely brings people together is food. Whether you go out to eat or make food at home, it is a way to celebrate life and create memories. The time spent around the table, telling stories and tidbits about your day, bringing everyone closer.

It's wonderful how food conjures up feelings too. How good you feel with a big bowl of your favorite comfort food or how something like these cupcakes can put a smile in my eyes.

Make sure you take the time to "stop and taste the cupcakes", preferably with friends.  Make those plans to finally "go out for coffee, sometime" with someone, visit a new place or taste something different.  Life's too short. Don't waste it.