kale with seasoned crumbs

My hubby, he's the gardener around here. Like the shirtless gardener you will find on Desperate Housewives, except he truly is focused on tending to his vegetable garden, sometimes weeding or pruning but always focused on his little "babies".

Me, I don't like gardening. I like having a garden and a crop of fruits and vegetables but I'm not into bugs, earthworms and dirt under my fingernails. I'm far from high maintenace but I just rather do other things, like cooking and baking! That is why the hubby and I have a good relationship, he grows the food and I prepare it. Like two peas in a pod, yes, we are.

And that is how I introduce to you the kale. From the garden to the plate.

So simple and good.


kale with seasoned crumbs

1/2 onion, diced
2 garlic cloves
1/2 cup crumbs (I used cracker crumbs)
2 bunches of kale

Saute onions, garlic in some oil. Add crumbs until browned. Set aside.

Saute kale in frying pan. Add some broth/water to cook until wilted.

Serve crumb mixture atop of the kale and serve.

Adapted Recipe from: Stir fried Kale, Allrecipes website