High School Culinary Challenge 2014 - Shaw Conference Centre

I am really behind in my posting so I want to catch up and I'm hoping to post everyday this week. (Here's trying!) I've been to many events the last several months and the High School Culinary Challenge hosted at the Shaw Conference Centre was one of them.

There are some people who know at a younger age what their passion in life is and are able to follow forward with it.  I'm always amazed by those folks, envious too, wishing it was as clear for me as it is for them.  Seeing shows like Masterchef Junior, where young children are using their sharp knife skills and implementing complicated kitchen techniques, is very inspiring.

Attending the High School Culinary Challenge brought that inspiring feeling to the surface.  The meal prepared was really well done and I wish I was able to have my chicken looking and tasting as beautiful as this one.  Looking out among the crowd feeling the energy and seeing proud parents, family, friends and teachers, beaming with pride visibly shown on their faces, cheering on their children and schools, makes this a great celebration.  There are no losers in this challenge because if you made it here, you are on the right path.  Keep on and follow your passion.  Congrats to all!

(Mulligatawny Soup, Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Apple Streudel, Awards Presentation)