Barbie Birthday Cake


My son has been talking about his birthday coming up soon and I realized that I never posted about my daughter's birthday cake!  I always ask my children what theme they want their parties to be and this year she had mentioned Barbie.

My daughter loves pink and everything girly though I consider her to be somewhat of a tomboy.  She had taken to playing with Barbie just a year or so ago which took me by surprise.  I was a bit of a tomboy as a child too and remember grudgingly having to play Barbies with my friend next door.  She had a basement full of every Barbie thing you can imagine, most little girls dream come true, and I remember purposely undressing the doll and having her streak throughout her deluxe home and skinny dip in the Barbie pool/hot tub.  I am sure my Barbie made Ken blush several times too.  I was fortunate that I had an understanding friend.

As with all the cakes I make, I conceptualize it first and then put it to paper.  I had a picture of a long-legged Barbie in a beautiful pink dress adorned with silver pearls and billowing fondant layers . I came close but lost out on a couple of inches. I had baked the cake in a bundt cake pan and placed the Barbie in the center and realized the cake didn't rise as high as I expected.  Since I had no time to bake another cake I came to the conclusion that Barbie's long legs would have to go.  She would have to become more like me, long torso and short legs, and I laughed at the realization.

I don't think anyone noticed the height discrepancy but  I joked that Barbie was merely kneeling or sitting on a stool with her dress fanned out. My daughter loved the cake which signaled a job well done.  As we sliced away pieces of cake to serve, slowly undressing Barbie, I giggled to myself.  I guess some tomboys never grown up.