Growing your own Mung Bean Sprouts

Mung Beans

Mung beans.  

Grab some that are sitting in your pantry from those days you convinced yourself that you were going to change your eating habits and eat like a healthy-granola type person.  This may have happened  as a New Year's resolution or merely resulted from walking through one of those Organic health markets.  Those bins full of various beans, peas and grains were begging you to take some home, much like a person not being able to resist playing just one of those slot machines at a casino. 

Mason jar to make sprouts
Mason Jars.

Grab one mason jar from the dozens you have in your basement.  I'm sure you too had dreams of canning tonnes of fruits and veggies and then being so proud when you walked into a perfectly organized pantry of colorful jars full of all the fruits of your labor. Pretty handmade labels organized alphabetically and by year, and date, of course.  Yeahhhh, I know.  Let's move on.

Put in a couple of tablespoons of mung beans into the mason jar. Screw it closed with the mason top and a cut square of gauze,  cheesecloth, mosquito netting or whatever you can find that will allow airflow.  Fill it with water and let it sit overnight.  

The next morning, empty the water.  Rinse, empty, then lay your mason jar down into a plate or bowl, at a 45 degree angle to allow any excess water to drip out.  Repeat this process several times a day: Rinse, empty & lay at 45 degrees.

Continue on for 3-5 days and you too will have SPROUTS!  

Sprouted Mung Beans

Fun science experiments for you and the kiddies!  

Not all the mung beans will sprout but that's ok because one needs to use up all the grains, seeds and beans  in their pantry before they take another innocent leisurely walk through the bulk bin area.

I've also tried chia seeds (didn't work out so well- bit harder to sprout properly but I need to experiment more), quinoa and red lentils (wasn't pleased with the results) but that won't deter me and I have a pantry FULL waiting for action.

Happy Sprouting!