Why I love my grocery store roasted chicken...

Roasted Chicken & mixed salad greens lunch

This month as been a busy one.  I'm putting in a lot of extra work hours, the best that I can around my children's school schedule, while continuing my responsibilities around the home.  On occasion, something has to go to the wayside, and that something has been dinner more times than not. I need something quick (since the kids are always STARVING RIGHT NOW!) and easy (by dinner time, I'm too tired for complicated), something the kids will like (Mom, what is that?!) and preferably on the healthier side (No pre-made frozen or boxed full of preservative crap which contains no vitamins and minerals.)  

Thank goodness for those ready-made roasted chickens at the local grocery store.  Seriously, they have saved me more times than not.  A great price and we all love chicken at our house.  After I pick up the kids from school, we make a quick stop to pick one up, and on the way home, I think of a side dish to make.  Stir-fried carrots or broccoli, peas and corn, all of which the kids like or if hubby and I are looking for a lighter dinner, mixed salad greens as a side.  All those things can be prepped, cooked and served by the time my kids have washed their hands and set the table.  Hallelujah! 

I think grocery stores should look into other ready-made protein.  Beef roast?  Pork loin?  That would really help out busy moms and dads and have them feel that they are still feeding their families healthily.