September 4, 2012

Tubby Dogs - Calgary: Eating Out


Leaving our Banff & Canmore weekend trip, we decided to breakup our drive home and stop for lunch in Calgary.

I had first heard of Tubby Dog from a You Gotta Eat Here episode and then I was chatting with my brother who had come back from a trip to Calgary and mentioned it also.


We decided upon the A-Bomb and Sherm's Ultimate Gripper with a side of yam fries.  My kids loved playing the arcade games while we waited for our order. We marveled upon all the kitschy decor and all the retro paraphernalia.


From what I saw on the episode about Tubby Dog, I can confirm that every bit of it is very true.  You better come hungry because they do not kid around.  Their dog creations are out of this world, big and messy but a great experience for everyone.


Tubby Dog
1022 17 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta


Trevor said...

those look great, will have to try these next time I am through Calgary, might not go so well for a business lunch though

Wayne Arthurson said...

Didn't I tell you about Tubby Dog? Well, whatever, we go there every time we go to Calgary. It's awesome. Best dogs ever. They also have music on weekends for those hipster indie rock types.

Maki said...

Trevor: Depends on what kind of business you do!!! Welcome back to this side of the pond. I am currently on the otherside!

Wayne: I don't remember you mentioning it! Not sure why I have never asked you what eats I should hit up in Calgary! funny :)

Trevor said...

Hey Maki, not quite on the Canada side yet, one more week of work then Croatia for 2 weeks then back to Canada. Hope things are going well for you and cant wait for your travel posts

Maki said...

Oh Croatia is beautiful, it will be lovely. G'luck on your travels home.

Busy getting here (in Austria) and with getting kids in school that I haven't done much photographing :( Soon, real soon, hopefully!

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