Ariel Under the Sea Cake

Ariel "Under the Sea" Cake

My princess had her birthday party this weekend. She wanted an Ariel mermaid cake but wanted to be completely surprised on what it would look like. I thought an "under the sea" theme would be perfect.

I have made my children's cakes every year and each year I progressively add more work for myself. However, I admit, it's almost purely selfish as I love every single minute of it. My kitchen looks like a flour and sugar bomb went off in it with all my baking and decorating supplies sprawled out onto every available counter surface. But, I couldn't care less about the mess. I really have so much fun coming up and executing the ideas. The challenge of it all has me giddy with joy.

I bought the Ariel and friends figurines from The Disney Store. All of the fondant was made using the following marshmallow fondant recipe. A tip for those of you wondering how I have a zigzag shape with some of the fondant sea grass pieces, I used playdoh tools! Yup, my kids have some various playdoh tools that I have washed and keep for my own decorating purposes now that they have outgrown them! They have a couple of rolling tools that create the zigzagged edges!

My daughter's eyes lit up with happiness when she removed her hands from over her eyes to reveal herself the cake. It was a fantastic moment for me and her. Though, I do admit, I am quite happy that my kids have their birthdays spaced out on the opposite end of the calendar years so that I may recharge for the next one!