Eating Out: Dutch Delicious Bakery

Dutch Delicous - Baked goods

It was potluck. Everyone had to bring something.
I brought these baked goodies from Dutch Delicious Bakery. I may have cheated but no one explicitly said no to bringing store-bought goods.

I couldn't pronounce most of the goodies if I tried but that doesn't matter as there are just some things in the world that are international understood. Delicious baked goodies crosses all language barriers.

Baked Goods from Dutch Delicous

The folks at Dutch Delicious were really helpful and answered all my "what's in that one?" or "what does that taste like?" Individual marzipan-covered cakes, butterfly cookies and the melt in your mouth pink & white meringues.

I'll be back to the store to poke around as they have all sorts of Dutch and other European goods.