An Afternoon at The Enjoy Centre

The Enjoy Centre Market

Have you been yet? To The Enjoy Centre?

I really had no idea what to expect when we drove out to the massive complex. But, I was astonished at what all there was to offer.

Deli & Health Food Store - Enjoy Centre

A food market, delicatessen, bakery, health food and supplements store, wine & fine spirits, spa and that's just the first floor!

I admit, I was expecting to look at some gardening and then grab a bite to eat as I had heard that they had food offerings. Trust me, you can spend an entire afternoon here. My kids loved it so much, they asked us when we can go again.

Goods at the Enjoy Centre

The second floor is where you will find the gardening. And home and gift shop. Don't forget the kitchen goods store and even a place to buy furniture. Yes, FURNITURE!

Want a bite to eat? They have a cafe with a wide assortment of drinks and baked goods. Want a bit more to eat? There is a cafeteria line and salad bar. Want table service instead, there is a section for that too. Funky tables, chairs and beautiful sunshine coming through the all glass building.

Prairie Bistro at The Enjoy Centre

I'm sure Hole's thought "build it and they will come". Yes, they were correct. And I will be back again and again.


The Enjoy Centre
101 Riel Drive
St. Albert, AB