My Dining Room

Dining room
...because I've had people ask for pictures.

Late fall, after we returned from our travels, we finally got the go ahead with a permit from the city to start our renovations. We never any intention to do a dining room extension. It all sort of fell into place by a chain of events.

It started with the need to re-shingle the roof this upcoming year. My hubby also decided that he would like to extend the roof so that we have a standard overhang all around our house (our house is built in the 50's and there is no overhang). Several years ago, our 50 yr old spruce tree came tumbling down during a violent storm. Since then, the hubby and I disliked the look of the front of our home. The tree was such a beautiful focal point and then it was gone. Sure, hubby created a front yard oasis that has yielded yearly front yard in bloom nominations but still, the house curb-appeal was ugly.

That is when I came up with some ideas again. I figured since we had to redo the entire roof, now would be the time redesign the front of the house! And since we both liked the idea of putting in a porch, the add on of a "minor" 6 foot dining room extension really wouldn't be too much more cost or time, right? Oh boy.

I am sure that there are many times my hubby is afraid to come home, especially when I greet him at the door with a smile and a "I had an idea" remark. I don't blame him but I do come up with good ideas! But being DIY'ers means that there is a lot of work, time and energy being committed to our projects. I have a really good hubby :)

Dining room table

Remember the spruce tree I mentioned earlier? Well, that exact tree is now our dining room table. When the tree came tumbling down, we had a tree removal company come and clean up. However, hubby requested they leave a 10 foot long piece of log behind. He wasn't completely certain what he was going to do with it and then came the barrage of questions from friends & folks in our neighborhood.

"What are your plans with that giant log?"

"Ohhh, maybe we'll carve a canoe!"

"Wouldn't a totem pole be fun?"

"Log Driver's Waltz , anyone?"

Who knew that 2 years later we'd have constructed this beautiful, once living, thing into a functional piece of furniture. We purposely left the wood slabs to have a living edge, just removing the bark, which I LOVE so much.

We're not quite done as I'm uncertain what I want the main wall to have but that will come with time. We have already hosted multiple dinner parties so for someone who loves to entertain, this is a dream come true!