September 26, 2011

Travels: Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark
(Kaplan am Kurpark house torte)

Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark, a gem located in the village of Bad Tatzmannsdorf, in the beautiful burgenland region of Austria. Just under 1.5 hours south of Vienna or 1 hour northeast of the town Graz, Kaplan am Kurpark is a bed and breakfast, confectionary and coffee house, in this relaxing thermal spa village.

Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark
(stunning, modern shop with plenty of seating indoors and out)

A "konditorei" which roughly translates to confectionary in english (or a patisserie in french) is a common shop found in Austria and Germany. A wide assortment of cakes and pastries are available to enjoy alongside your favorite beverage.

Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark
(Mozart cake and owner Christian at work)

Some of most mouth-watering and visually appealing eats I have ever laid my eyes upon will have you scrabbling to pick just one. Christian Kaplan, is the owner and talented "konditor" (the confectionary shop's baker) who masterminds the wide assortment of delectable cakes, chocolates, ice creams and more.

Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark
(where all the magic happens)

I had the pleasure of a tour through his modern and pristine konditorei. Everything is fresh, made from scratch and with the utmost care and expertise. Don't forget to bring back some gift-wrapped cookies, jams and other goodies after your visit.

A must-see on your next trip in beautiful burgenland before AND after a dip in the thermal spa baths.


Konditorei Kaplan am Kurpark
Kirchenstra├če 8
Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria


Bellavino said...

I love the bottom three pictures of the kitchen. Im such a sucker for beautiful commercial kitchens :)

Maki said...

Yeah for sure. I haven't seen a lot of commercial kitchens but this one was PRISTINE! Couldn't believe how organized and clean it was!

The Celiac Husband said...

Burgenland. Not exactly a hotbed for overseas tourists.
I am impressed. Even myself, hardly eve made it there, other than of course the lake.

Did you enjoy it?

Maki said...

Haha. Too funny. But I agree, hardly a hotbed :)

My in-laws have a home in Burgenland, one hour out of Vienna in the little town of Oberpullendorf. It's a great starting point for travel. It helps that nothing is too far away of a drive in Europe too. Beautiful wine country for sure. I have a post about a winery in that area coming up sometime soon on the blog too.

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