BBQ Feast: Pork Tenderloin


Peeps, I'm tired. Yes, it's all my own doing, but gosh darn it, I'm hurting.

With all the great weather, I made a long to-do list of all the outdoor projects that need attention. I don't really like outdoor activities such as gardening and general outdoor upkeep but I've had to step up to the plate since the hubby has been to busy with work. Alright, let's be frank here, it basically has fallen onto my lap and now I'm doing it grudgingly.

Though I fully admit, I've taken on more than the hubby would do, so I can only blame myself. He's got the more easy-laid back way of things where as I prefer more organized and neat. He spends a lot less time with flower beds, since he doesn't mind some weeds and overgrown plants. I, on the other-hand, no likey-likey mess and disorder and I'm ruthless with the gardening shears. I think I heard my hubby gasp twice when he came home seeing all that I have chopped away. If it's in my visual way, it's gone. Pack your leaves and go....


Since I've been outdoors, making dinner has shifted to that direction too. Hello barbecue season, how I love thee! Less fuss, less messy dishes and pans to wash and no extra heat in the kitchen! And let's not forget, meat just tastes so much better when it's barbecued. I'm salivating just thinking about the smoky goodness.

These beautiful pork tenderloins were slathered with zesty barbecue sauce and the other side of the bbq was used for balsamic-marinated vegetables. Unfortunately, no room on the bbq so I boiled the corn on the side burner (I know, I know, barbecued corn is SO good! What a pity, next time, next time, I promise)

So, if I'm not posting as much this summer, it's because the yard has formed an alliance to overtake me. But don't fear for me or pity my self-imposed punishment for neat and tidy because at least I'm eating well. Unless the garden gets to the BBQ before me. Quick, pass me my garden sheers!!!