Balsamic-marinated Vegetables Roasted in the BBQ

balsamic marinated vegetables

I love things that are barbecued. The smoky flavor, that can't be reproduced in the oven, is what makes me fire up the BBQ time and time again. Spring, summer, fall and even in the winter (if it's not TOO cold outside).

This is one of my favorite recipes side dishes to make when I'm entertaining. I love veggies but when it is BBQ roasted, it is out of this world. The balsamic vinegar leaves a subtle sweetness and tang that goes well with the smoke and salt.

I use a variety of vegetables, whatever I have on hand. Onions, red peppers and mushrooms seem to be a staple. Slices of zucchini or asparagus, depending on what is in season, work really well too.

The key is to let it marinate for as long as you can before you barbecue. Trust me.


Balsamic-marinated Vegetables Roasted in the BBQ

Your choice of vegetables:
Onions, Red or other color bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus, etc cut into small bite size pieces into a bowl.

Enough Balsamic vinegar and olive oil to lightly coat all the vegetables.

Sprinkle enough salt, to your taste, to coat the vegetables.

Marinate the vegetables for a minimum of 1/2 hour, or more if you have the time. (I marinate sometimes for several hours). Roast the vegies in a proper grilling basket for the bbq, over medium heat for about 20-30 minutes or until the vegies are soft and slightly blackened. Stir the vegetable often. Remove from heat and serve.