Apple Butter

Apple Butter Recipe

Guess what I have been enjoying? Apple Butter that I made from my own backyard apples! I prepped & canned them in the harvest season and carefully took my babies in the downstairs pantry and then forgot about it, until recently.

Sweet with the most satisfying hit of cinnamon. I LOVE cinnamon but even more so in the winter months as it's so very comforting to me.

Speaking of cinnamon, I was at my parent's home last week and my tastebuds did a double glance at the cinnamon in my mom's cake. The taste and aroma was so pronounced. I have never really thought about varieties of cinnamon, as I just buy the bulk variety that is labelled "cinnamon" but I asked my mom to bring me the bottle. It was labelled Saigon Cinnamon. You must pick some up next time you go shopping as it stood out enough to get my attention and consequently knock my socks off.

I followed Elise's Apple Butter recipe, though I added more cinnamon to my preferred taste. I wish I had some of the Saigon cinnamon at the time! Also, I used very fine seive to to strain everything since I do not have a food mill or a chinois sieve.

Feels like I typed cinnamon a lot! Ah, just checked. 10 times. Cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon!