September 8, 2010

Travels: Mario's Gelati in Vancouver

Enjoying a gelato at Mario's Gelati

I really, really wanted to mention Mario's Gelati. Hands down, one of the best makers of gelato that I have ever tasted. The texture is so smooth and the gelato has the perfect balance in that it is not overly sweet or heavy.

And the flavors? PLENTIFUL. I have such a difficult time picking one flavor to enjoy while we are there. This last visit, I enjoyed Nocciola which is hazelnut flavor. Out of this world and it is apparently imported directly from Piedmont, Italy. So very good and creamy.

There are also flavors there that I have never seen before. I've seen green tea before but durian or black sesame gelato? These folks are on it.

I actually sent them an email asking if there are any restaurants or stores that sell their products here. They have distributors as far as Calgary and Winnipeg but I think they need it here in Edmonton too! I'll update this post if I hear back from them.

Less than a block away from the famous Olympic Village, their fantastic glass-front building is a definite must stop for me and my family.

Mario's Gelati Ltd.
88 East 1st Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.


UPDATE: Email received from Mario's Gelati:

"Hello Maki,

Thank you for your email and for enjoying our products!! Our gelato is available by the scoop at Block 1912 ,10361 82 Ave NW, (780) 433-6575. You can also try contacting Ice Cream Depot which distributes some of our products to different locations in Edmonton.

Hope this helps!

Warmest Regards,

Mario's Gelati


H.Peter said...

That's the second Gelato post I am reading this week.

Why is it that overall in North America this concept of flavourful ice cream has not succeeded that way it has in Europe?

lequan@luvtoeat said...

That is such a priceless picture, luv it! Definitely one that needs to be framed. You have a beautiful family!

I've tried the gelato at block 1912 - YUMMERZ! And did you say durian? Oooh, you've got my attention :-P

Jean Poutine said...

Have you been to Casa Gelato in Vancouver? Definitely worth looking up.

A Canadian Foodie said...

I am with H. Peter. Why is the world is this product so delectable everywhere in Italy - and not anywhere in our city? (Maybe in 1912)
Your endorsement and enthusiasm will influence many. The company should send you a bucket a month for a year!

Maki said...

H. Peter: I LOVE gelato. I'm not sure why it's not as wide spread here.

lequan: I also love that picture of my son. It made me have a good laugh for sure.

Jean Poutine: Never tried Casa Gelato. Must, next time I'm in Van.

Valerie: A bucket a month... oh my! My taste buds are screaming yes but my back end is screaming no.

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