July 23, 2010

Making Linden Tea

Making Linden Tea

We have an absolutely stunning tree in our back yard. It's a 50+ year old Linden Tree. (Also called Basswood, Tilia or Lime Tree). Every year, around this time, the blossoms open up. The air is then filled with a sweet aroma flavor and if you stand under the tree, there is a strong humming sound. You look up and you will find thousands of busy bees, sucking up it's sweet nectar.

My father identified the tree for us many years ago. He says it reminds him of home, as the Linden Tree is a sacred tree for many Slavic and Eastern European countries. He spoke of the wonderful tea you can make from the Linden Tree.

I've had Linden tea before but for some reason, I never connected the tree in my backyard to the Linden tea I have drank. So I decided to harvest the fragrant blossoms and leaves. I have them drying in my basement right now and I can tell you, it smells amazing everytime I walk downstairs. Once they are dry, you just have to store them in a glass container. To make tea, crush the linden blossoms into boiling water, steep and serve.

Can't wait until they are dry and enjoy it on a cold, wintery night (that's when we do the bulk of our tea drinking around here).


A Canadian Foodie said...

Vanja's mother makes this tea, and also sok - a juice from the flowers - and it is really really delicious...
I have never been there when the tree is flowering, and I have never smelled or seen the flowers... it is on my list.

Maki said...

I've never heard of Linden juice. It must be so flavourful since the blossoms are so very sweet.

zanetastyle said...

Hello! you are from Edmonton? I am from Calgary but originaly from the Czech REpublic, where Linden tree is our national tree and I had no Idea it can grow in Alberta!!! I have to plant one soon in our back yard then((: Love the tea, the best there is and my regards to your Dad, it breaks my heart to think of the vegetation from eastern europe that we don't get here! Thanks for sharing! hugs Zaneta

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