May 6, 2010

Red Robin Restaurant

Dinner at Red Robins

I remember one of my first dates with my hubby was at a Red Robin Restaurant. He ordered the chimichunga and, well, I can't remember what I ordered. I'm guessing a burger. I was probably nervous and I couldn't help remember the chimichunga - partly because the name of it was funny and that it was massive. My hubby still complains to this day about how they don't have chimichungas on the menu anymore and we also still joke about how I had to pay for the date, since he "forgot" his wallet.

I remember Red Robin's being quite the hangout when I was back in high school and University. The decor is kitschy but it feels casual. Great place young adults on a date, families or if you just want a casual place to dine and enjoy a good burger and fries.

Fast forward. We're now married... with children. I'm tired of fast food and my children can't usually wait too long for food without getting ansy. We decide to give Red Robin's a whirl.

It was like stepping back in time. I don't think the decor has changed one bit since my first visit, some 14 years ago.

Kids were given crayons and coloring sheets. Everything came out in a reasonable time, though my kids still got ansy. The food was good and the fries are never bad there. I'm sure I'd be happy with just a big ole plate of fries and their seasoning salt.

All in all, a typical experience out at Red Robin. I listened to my hubby once again bring up his beloved chimichunga and I also picked up the tab.

I guess like the decor, some things never change.


Red Robin Restaurant
11215-104 Ave location
Edmonton, Alberta


Junglefrog said...

I think it is fun just to go back to the places you visited years ago. We still once every 5 years or so go to the restaurant where we had our first dinner... It's a little Italian place and not really good actually but it just brings back memories!

coffee girl said...

Oh man, Red Robin and I go way back. I used to work there during nursing school, made some pretty good dough in tips. While working there I fell in love with the blue cheese dressing. Fries (bottemless yet!!)dipped in blue cheese....yummy, but sinful. The family and I still go there for a treat from time to time. The blue cheese dressing doesn't taste quite like it used to though.

Maki said...

True Junglefrog. It does bring back memories for sure.

coffee girl: How did I miss the blue cheese dressing? With fries to boot! That sounds like heaven :) I had a friend that worked there and she was addicted to the wings. Everything is sinful but that's why we go back for more!

Chris said...

So many memories from my teenage years at Red Robin. First dates, and endless fries! Need I say more.

I was always a huge fan of their bacon guacamole burger, and I think they may have been one of the first main stream restaurants to actually offer such a concoction.

Maki said...

Bacon guacomole sounds really good. I actually watched a food network show that showcased Red Robin as being one of the first to feature gourmet burgers. Cool.

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