Weekly Photos: Day at the Royal Alberta Museum

Taxidermy Animals at Royal Alberta Museum

Recognize these animals?

Have you ever been to the Royal Alberta Museum? Then you've seen them. I'm sure they have been around since the museum opened up because I remember them, when I went as a child, some 20 some years ago.

That being said, I'm still partial to them :) Aren't they cute?

Needed to get out with the kidlets and we enjoyed the afternoon walking around at the different exhibits. My son asked me at least 101 questions with 101 "why's" to my answers, while my daughter just ran from exhibit to exhibit, not as interested.

Day at the Royal Alberta Museum

We didn't take any pictures outside since it was cold (the grounds are beautiful and I really love the buildings - must take photos another time!) But, I enjoyed taking some "artsy" photos from the different galleries.

Do any of you regularly visit museums or galleries?