Crepe Cake

crepe cake

I asked my hubby to make me this Martha Stewart crepe cake for my birthday, after I saw the amazing photograph of it on Martha's site (it's stunning. True photo p0rn!). I offered to help out, he would make the crepes and I would do the rest.

But it didn't turn out like that exactly.

My hubby started making the crepes and then said it would be a no-go in making the cake as tall as Martha's. He made two batches of crepes and it wasn't even close. Apparently, the recipe calls for 8 inch size crepes, whereas my hubby made large 10 inch size. (He's not so into reading recipes - he likes to wing it and he puts it.) So, after two batches, this is the height he got, as pictured above.

He also didn't feel like making extra batches of hazelnut cream filling and filled some of the layers with ganache.

Looks nothing like the orignal picture, but, I won't complain. The hazelnut cream filling and the chocolate ganache were fantastic. And my hubby made me a cake for my birthday. How many ladies can say that? (Actually he made me TWO!!!)

We'll leave it to Martha and her crew to make the amazing, drool-worthy looking cakes.

You can find the recipe here.