March 9, 2010

Mocha at Tesoro's

Mocha at Tesoro Caffe

Do you not want to bathe in that mocha? Oh my word. It was delicous. I kid you not.

I actually never started drinking coffee until I started a full-time job. And it wasn't often. My coffee consumption increased once I had kids. Yes, lack of sleep will do that to you. Now, coffee is one of the first things I look forward to in the morning. It's become a daily ritual, not necessarily that I need the caffeine (though it's a bonus) but more because it's become a wonderful way to start a day (ok, who's kidding, I do need that caffeine). The smell, the hot mug in your hand and that tasty flavor with every sip, love it.

I don't get out to cafe's enough. So, after dropping off the kiddo's at school, a friend and I popped into Tesoro Caffe Bar. I had read about it in the the Edmonton Journal quite some time ago and kept a mental note to try it out.

Tasty coffee, nice modern place with high ceilings and plenty of windows to allow lots of natural sunshine in. Worth the venture out.


Tesoro Caffe Bar
11244-104 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2X4


cookbookcooks said...

This place is right near my place. For some reason I always go here in the winter. I would like to go and sit on their patio on a summer evening.
Also, I had no idea they had an online menu - Thanks for the link.

Maki said...

Yes, they have a really nice patio area that would be great to sit at during the summer months. Have to keep that in mind!

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