January 14, 2010

Tips / Techniques: Non-Mess Icing Bags

filling icing sugar bags

When I was in University, I spent 4 years working part-time at a Baskin Robbins. With time, I learned to decorate cakes and this wonderful tip when filling the icing bag.

I make up the icing in a bowl and then pull out a rectangular piece of plastic wrap. Then I add icing to the middle. Proceed to fold over the plastic wrap, leaving a small opening at one end for the icing to go through and twist off the other end.

non-mess icing bags

Then, you drop the icing into the white icing bag, with the opened side going in first. It's ready to go. When you run out of icing, you just pull out the emptied plastic wrap and pop in a new bag.

A LOT less mess and easy to use. Good luck :)


Do you have any good tips or techniques?
Send them to me at oomelement (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll post them.


Junglefrog said...

That's a great tip. Not that I use icing often, since I am not really the icing decorating type but still on occassion I am sure this will come in handy!

Chris said...

Fantastic tip!

A Canadian Foodie said...

How did you figure this out? It is so simple and practical, it is brilliant. THANK YOU!

Maki said...

4 years... FOUR years of working at Baskin Robbin... something had to come out of it ;)

Marija said...

Thank you for this!

Maki said...

No problem :)

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