Weekly Photos: On the Acreage

Winter Wonderland

(Winter Wonderland)


Though I'm not one to make new years resolutions, this year I thought I'd give them a try. One of them was to challenge myself with photos.

There are many folks and bloggers out there that do Project 365 or something similar. Basically, they take a photo every day and post it. I love this idea but I know I can't commit to it and I rather not set myself up to fail. So instead, I thought I'd post some photos on the weekend, every week.

I will not be limiting myself to food only. I feel this would be another way to challenge myself too. Photographing food versus people or landscapes is not the same at all.


I took a series of photos from my in-laws acreage. They are surrounded with so many beautiful trees.

Leaning tree of the forest
(Leaning Tree of Forest)

My father in law is very diligent with his woodpiles. He goes through his "forest" and all the trees that have died or fallen, he brings them back and cuts them up to use for heating his home. He's got years worth of woodpiles stacked up on his property.

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck
(How much wood can a woodchuck chuck)

The skies weren't very blue and the sun wasn't out shining but I think the day was still great. Especially since I'm feeling better and the weather has warmed up considerally.

hibernating bicycle
(Hibernating Bicycle)

Hope you all had a great weekend :)