January 8, 2010

Christmas Kitchen Gifts

Xmas Gifts 2009

I didn't mention anything about Christmas gifts I received!

It was definitely a food themed Christmas this year! My hubby bought me the complete year of Fine Cooking magazines in the hardbound book. I got three years worth: 2006, 2007 and 2008. So exciting to look through magazines for the full year all at once. Hopefully it will get me inspired to cook even more :)

I also got some fancy finishing salts. President's Choice has three variety in nice little tins. Himalayan, fleur de sel, and Cyprus Mediterranean mix. I haven't tried them yet but soon enough.

And who doesn't love silicone spatulas? I personally love this version, the spoonula type. I find the shape of the head so much more sturdier and easier to use for batters or scraping than the typical flat version.

I don't think I would ever get bored of kitchen gifts :)


Chris said...
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eatingisthehardpart said...

Nice presents!!

Nice work on the redo as well. Seems it's the season to change.

Maki said...

Yes, it is, huh :)

A Canadian Foodie said...

I love finishing salts... especially the fleur de sel from the Camslkjdlhf whatever- I cannot spell it - the south of France. It is incredible on a tomato, bruschetta, a yogurt cheese ball... and the black lave salt from Hawaii just has a really nice visual appeal on some foods.
You will have fun with these!
(I got Ad Hoc and am excited about that... now time to cook something from it!)

Maki said...

I still haven't cracked the salts! So bad :) But the thing is, I kinda almost want to wait for fresh from the garden produce. But, that's a while away yet.

Just the mention of tomatoes makes my mouth water.

I've heard of the hawaiian salt being darker. I can imagine it has an interesting flavor :)

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