something new: fuyu persimmons

fuyu persimmons

I was pushing the grocery cart and stopped in front of the big sign: "Persimmons: 3 for $0.99"

There was a gentleman, who was filling the two plastic bags full of these fruit.

"Excuse me. I've never tried these before. Can you tell me what they taste like or how to tell which ones to pick?" I asked.

He looked at me sheepishly, responding that he's never tried them and that he was buying bags of them for his mother. I figured I'd just buy a bunch. For the price of $0.33 each, I could afford to chuck them if they weren't any good.

And I am really glad I did buy them!

fuyu persimmons

The variety I bought are called fuyu persimmons. They look like an orange tomato with a hard flower-shaped leaf on top. Pick ones that are firm and blemish free. They taste sweet and it's hard to describe the taste. The closest I can describe is it's like a mild apricot? Tasty nonetheless. You can eat them like an apple or slice them up and put them in salads (as I did often) or use them in baking or atop of your ice cream.

So now, go out and try it yourself if you haven't before. Something new.